APAA Applauds Biden Administration’s Increased Tariffs on Russian Aluminum and Calls for Continued U.S. Support for Domestic Aluminum Market 


WASHINGTON – February 24, 2023 – The American Primary Aluminum Association (APAA), the leading voice for America’s primary aluminum industry and its workers, today released the following statement applauding the Biden administration’s implementation of a 200% tariff on U.S. imports of Russian aluminum and on Russian aluminum embedded in third-country manufacturing: 

“The APAA, its members, and its workers stand with the Biden administration in support of its decision to robustly defend the U.S. aluminum industry in the face of continued Russian aggression and blatant disregard for international economic and security norms.

“Together with the continued implementation of Section 232, these new economic measures will help to address the growing unfair trade advantage the Russian aluminum industry – including proxy companies set up in the U.S. as independent American agents – has enjoyed since the invasion of Ukraine and resulting energy crisis. The application of these tariffs on downstream manufacturers is also a key factor in ensuring the tariffs have the desired effect: expulsion of Russian aluminum from the U.S. economic system in favor of American-made metal.

“The Russian aluminum industry has benefited from the very energy crisis Russia created when it invaded Ukraine, and has taken advantage of this crisis by dumping excess aluminum supply on the global market at artificially low prices. These Biden tariffs will protect American jobs, punish unfair competitive practices, and frustrate Putin’s war effort, for which Russian aluminum is a key input. 

“We are pleased to see that the Biden administration is handling the threat of an unrestrained Russian aluminum with the seriousness that it deserves. Russian producers of aluminum hurt American producers, and in so doing, threaten our country’s critical national, economic, and climate security interests. These tariffs help to mitigate that threat and position the U.S. to better control its own destiny and achieve critical security, economic, and climate goals.

“The APAA, its members, and workers applaud the Biden administration on the implementation of these tariffs and demand continued vigilance in response to any further economic aggression from countries across the globe who seek to do America harm. We support the enforcement of these tariffs in combination with continued application of the Section 232 program, which has been supported by both Republican and Democratic administrations. And we believe in the continued focus and advancement of America’s national security, economic independence, and green initiatives well into the future.”