APAA Calls on President Trump to Restore Tariffs on Surging Canadian Aluminum Imports

Yesterday, the American Primary Aluminum Association (APAA) sent a letter to President Trump calling on the Administration to restore America’s core manufacturing capabilities and bring back critical supply chains by restoring a 10% tariff on imports of Canadian primary aluminum that are surging into the United States.

Since the 10% aluminum tariff on Canadian imports was removed last year, we have seen Prime Minister Trudeau’s government announce new subsidies for the Canadian aluminum industry, the restart of Canadian production, and skyrocketing imports of Canadian primary aluminum – by over 80% in the last year alone – despite an agreement that the Canadians would do no such thing.

According to just released U.S. Census data, 184,789 metric tons of HTS 7601.10 came in from Canada in May 2020, a record high since Canada was granted its exemption to the Section 232 program. Canada is now at the highest level of import volume since the Section 232 program went into place – more than 30 percent higher than its historical average.

“Industry groups dominated by foreign producers want the Trump Administration to believe that the problem lies only with China. Yet, some of these same entities are currently petitioning the U.S. Commerce Department to impose import duties of up to 151% against 18 other countries on downstream aluminum products these groups produce,” said Mark Duffy, Chief Executive Officer of the APAA. “Now is the time to put America First and for President Trump to enforce our trade agreements, stop this unprecedented Canadian import surge, and stand strong with American workers by reinstating the 10% tariff on Canadian imports.”

While foreign-backed interest groups wrongly hide behind the flag, the APAA is supporting the entire domestic supply chain and fighting for the best interests of America and the domestic primary aluminum industry.