The power of the people is in our opportunity to speak up for the things we care about. Phone calls remain the most effective way to reach our elected officials and make our voices heard. Use the script below, or share your own thoughts.

Call the White House now at 202-456-1111.


Hello, my name is ______ and I am a from [___ Town/State of ____], and I am calling because I am concerned about global overcapacity of aluminum in the world market. Honest, hard-working Americans have lost their jobs due to these unfair practices, causing real economic hardship in communities across the country. We need President Trump’s help to stand up to these unfair trade practices and fight for American workers. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.

Thank you @realdonaldtrump for standing up for American primary #aluminum workers! Continue to stand with @aluminumnow!

Tariffs on foreign #aluminum have saved thousands of jobs. @realdonaldtrump, stand behind American workers and with @aluminumnow

U.S. workers long suffered from global #aluminum overcapacity. @realdonaldtrump stood up for them and put #AmericaFirst. I stand with the president and @aluminumnow.