By Adam Behsudi via Politico | Feb 4, 2016

ANTI-CHINA ALUMINUM GROUP MAKES ELECTION APPEAL: The U.S. aluminum industry organized under the “China Trade Task Force” is continuing its campaign to combat China’s overproduction of aluminum, this time focusing on presidential candidates. The group released a new online ad this week on the issue, which will go up on TV early next week in early primary states.

“Illegal Chinese aluminum subsidies are destroying the lives of tens of thousands of hardworking Americans who are losing their jobs across the country. And at a time when our nation’s presidential candidates profess a need to ‘get tough on China,’ they are suspiciously silent on how to combat Chinese job hacking,” China Trade Task Force Executive Director Will Dempster said in a statement.

The group argues that Chinese government subsidies are fueling an overproduction of aluminum that is undercutting prices and threatening to put U.S. producers out of business. Watch the ad here: