By China Trade Task Force via PR Newswire | Nov 2, 2015

WASHINGTON — China Trade Task Force today officially launched a video series and a petition to highlight the plight of thousands of U.S. aluminum working who are losing their jobs as a result of China’s cheating.

President Obama has made clear that China is a “global free rider” that profits on the back of American innovation and hard work. Now tens of thousands of American families are feeling the pain as a result of China’s cheating.

In late October, 400 U.S. aluminum workers lost their jobs at a smelter in Kentucky. Another 600 workers were just issued with WARN notices in South Carolina. This is just the start of China’s war against U.S. aluminum workers and their families.

Global aluminum prices are at a six year low, yet China has increased aluminum production by over 32% this year alone. China has doubled down on production while Beijing is providing state owned domestic aluminum producers with a range of illegal subsidies such as interest free, debt forgiveness and preferential regulatory treatment.

China Trade Task Force Executive Director Will Dempster said, “Illegal Chinese aluminum subsidies are destroying lives across the United States. Our video series shines a needed spotlight on the families and communities facing ruin as a result of Chinese job hacking. The U.S. Trade Representative, Members of Congress and the American people should stand up to China and stop them from hacking American jobs. If we don’t, we face the end of America’s aluminum industry as we know it.”

View the CTTF Trailer: